June 09, 2021

Praying for Peace and Unity in America

by | Hope Is Alive

Dan Jarvis, a member of Life Action’s U.S. ministry team, put together the following guide for Americans who wish to pray over challenges our nation is facing. Many of these prayer points would be relevant to any nation and to any culture, so we encourage others to adapt these prayers for their own context as may be helpful.

America’s narrative has devolved into division, suspicion, and frustration. Who will shine the light, to lead the way forward? Let’s pray for the vision and humility we will need in the days ahead.

Lord, please give me . . .

Strength to hold my moral compass steady, always seeking to live out personally the truths that I believe.

Humility to respect the perspectives of others, honoring God by valuing and treating all of my fellow citizens as Jesus would.

Patience as I contend with those who disagree with aspects of life and truth that I see as fundamental.

Joy in the midst of adversity, so that I can help light the road forward even when (and especially when) circumstances grow dark.

Repentance from my personal sins, especially sins of mind and motive that may not be publicly obvious in my life.

Vision for my nation, my community, and my neighborhood, so that I might be able to influence others toward purpose and peace.

Perseverance as I work hard to add value to the world around me, exercising the creativity, innovation, and focus I’ll need going forward.

Lord, please help . . .

Government officials who carry daily burdens of administering programs, making decisions, contending with political realities, and leading wisely.

Cultural influencers, such as those in media and entertainment, to find their strongest voice as they speak toward truth, unity, and peace.

Law enforcement personnel, as they represent justice and protect the rights of all citizens, securing an environment for peace.

Leaders and members of the armed forces, granting them wisdom, protection, and quick success in times of conflict.

Educators across the land, as they serve both students and parents; give them Your perspective as they teach history, citizenship, values, and more.

Pastoral leaders who are serving as shepherds, visionaries, and teachers, to properly balance love, truth, and wisdom.

Business owners and leaders, as they take risks, set policies, drive innovations, and set goals to add value to their communities.

    Lord, please give us grace to deal with . . .

    Areas of national disagreement, and show us as a nation how to treat those who think differently with loving respect.

    Pressure points economically that our nation feels, so we will make wise choices in situations where uncertainty abounds.

    Cultural differences among our fellow citizens, which often lead us to unnecessarily mistrust and misjudge each other.

    External threats to our way of life, so we can hold fast to what makes America unique, and can defend her values and vision.

    Internal threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, giving each of us time to be informed on issues and involved in solutions.

    Discouragement and depression, which have sadly defined the lives of many of our fellow citizens in recent times, so we can share light, love, and hope.

    Unknown challenges ahead, as our future together as Americans unfolds in surprising ways.

    Lord, please send us . . .

    Your power, to shake and stir us toward righteousness, love, and vision for the kind of nation You want us to become.

    Your mercy, as none of us deserve your blessings, but all of us yearn to receive them.

    Your protection, as so many forces in the world (and even in our own hearts) are taking aim at our core values.

    Your bigger perspective, as it is tempting for us to develop “tunnel vision” that only focuses on our own needs and struggles.

    Your love, as each of us needs to both experience Your divine love and at the same time be involved in sharing it with others.

    Your wisdom, as we each individually face hundreds of choices every day—choices that add up to become our national choices.

    Your Spirit’s influence, as our culture is in need of revival, reconciliation, and renewal.

    Lord, my next step will be . . .

    To reach out to or serve someone You put into my mind today, to become an agent of peace and love toward them.

    To take seriously my role as Your ambassador to the world around me, representing Your values and vision in my nation and beyond.

    Dan Jarvis is a pastor, author, husband, father, missions mobilizer, and aspiring space exploration enthusiast. He has served with Life Action in various roles for more than two decades and is convinced that the virtues and vision of Jesus are the key to changing lives for the better—on earth and in eternity.
    Dan Jarvis

    Dan Jarvis

    Managing Editor

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