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Hope Is Alive

Prospects for unity, stability, and reconciliation seem to be dimmer than ever in our increasingly crazy and unpredictable world. So what should we be hoping for right now, and what should we be aiming at? As followers of Jesus, what can we believe in, and what can we do about it? If your sense of hope is still in lockdown, it’s time to lift your vision. Hope is, in fact, alive!

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We all know our culture needs transformation and is in need of a tremendous reset. So what if we started that work in the same way Jesus started His? Every day is an opportunity for believers in Jesus to demonstrate humility. It shows up in the smallest choices we make and the secret attitudes we harbor.

Where will your next YES to God lead? To freedom from a secret habit? To a mountaintop on the other side of the world? To revived, abundant life like you’ve never experienced it before?  This issue of Revive magazine titles, “Yes Changes Everything” will encourage and excite you about the potential God has loaded into your life – and what a difference it could make – if you simply say yes.

The most powerful message you’ll ever share is the one that comes out of your life, not out of your study. As we grapple with breaches of trust, and the public downfall of various Christian leaders, how should we respond? And how can we ensure that we aren’t next on that list? This issue of Revive will challenge you at the deepest level—not to be a leader worth hearing, but to be a leader worth following. 

When you received Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord, that was not the last time you needed to place your faith in Him. There are many things He has planned for you through the rest of your time on this earth. On the basis of all that Jesus has done for you, will you say yes to Him? Will you boldly set out on the adventure of following God’s lead? This issue of Revive magazine will inspire you with examples of believers who have said yes to God’s invitation to move just beyond the edge of settled territory and onto the faith frontier.